Leaf Katydid

folded from an uncut square
designed by Brian Chan
May. 2005



I've always liked the grasshoppers and crickets of all sorts. Maybe it is because they can jump and make noise. This katydid is known for its ability to mimic a leaf. Some species are so well adapted that they even have spots and rough edges on their wings, simulating the rotten edges of a diseased leaf.

The base for this hopper is simple- it is pretty much a frog base, with the center point flatten-sinked, and the rest of the points thinned. (I got the idea after I folded a traditional frog, and then flattened the head into an octagon) As with the orb weaver and the fisher spider, the base is used asymmetrically. It's a little weird, but the asymmetry allows for more efficient use of the points and edges of the paper.

Folded from a sheet of tissue paper treated with methyl cellulose

Crease Pattern

Origami Tanteidan 12th Convention book

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