Japanese cats sleep so well. =p

Crazy Japanese gardens (now I know where Sony gets all of their ads from...)

Churches are often the most lavish buildings in Taiwanese Aboriginal villages.

We experienced an avalanche (!) on our way out and had to wait for 4 hours.

Me no dum-dum. You dum-dum.

MIT beaver! Although it's sad that it is a "rodent."

Gotta love the "LE". (Montreal)

Want to see a swarm of C. elegans?

My July Junction AP World History students! (sorry for such an awkward photo, haha)

Panamanian girl.


Drawing blood. (forgot the medical term-it began with a "p"). I saw so much of these this summer that I got over my phobia of needles.

Nicaraguan girl.

They used a lot of donkeys to haul goods...

How's having a chicken for a pet?

Honduran boy.

Yes, now you've seen everything. That's a truck that sells ramen, complete with mobile tables! (Nagoya, Japan)

I WAS ON TV! omgomgomg.

Cooking in the mountains. (Taiwan)

Colorful building in Montreal.

Babe, the real life version.

Usually, we treat nearly 1,000 patients a day in each location in Central America.