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APPENDIX: MIT campus buildings

224 Albany Street (NW30)

500 Memorial Drive (W71)

70 Pacific Street Dorm (NW86)

[ top ]

Aeronautics & Astronautics Library (33)

Albany Street Garage (N4)

Albany Street Generator Shelter (NW20)

Alexander W. Dreyfoos Building (32D) — part of the Ray and Maria Stata Center (32)

Alumni Houses: Munroe Hayden Wood (62)

Alumni Houses: Walcott Bemis Goodale (64)

Architecture and Planning Library (Rotch) (7)

Arthur D. Little Building (E60)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab — See CSAIL
(Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)

Ashdown House (W1)

[ top ]

Badger Building (E70)

Baker House (W7)

Barker Library (10)

Bartos Theater (E15)

Bexley Hall (W13)

brain and cognitive sciences complex (46) (lower case intentional)

Brown Building (39)

Burton–Conner House (W51)

Bush Building (13)

[ top ]

Campus Police Headquarters (W31)

Carr Indoor Tennis Facility (W53)

Carr Indoor Tennis Facility (Office) (W53A)

Center for Advanced Educational Services (CAES) (9)

Chocolate City (W70)

Compton Laboratories (26)

Cooling Tower & Oil Reserve (N16)

Coop, The (NE20)

CSAIL: Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory — located in the Ray and Maria Stata Center (32)

Cyclotron (44)

[ top ]

Deutsches Haus (W70)

Dewey Library — Management & Social Sciences (E53)

Dorrance Building (16)

Dreyfoos Building — See Alexander W. Dreyfoos Building (32D)

Dreyfus Chemistry Building (18)

DuPont Athletic Center (W32)

DuPont Gymnasium (W31)

[ top ]

EAPS Library (54)

East Campus: Bemis (64)

East Campus: East Parallel (64)

East Campus: Goodale (64)

East Campus: Hayden (62)

East Campus: Munroe (62)

East Campus: Walcott (64)

East Campus: West Parallel (62)

East Campus: Wood (62)

East Campus Project

Eastgate (E55)

Eastman Laboratories (6)

Edgerton House (NW10)

EG&G Education Center (34)

Engineering Library (10)

[ top ]

Faculty Club (E52)

Fairchild Building (36, 38)

Ford Building (E18, E19)

Forrester Building (NE46)

Francis Bitter Magnet Lab (NW14, NW15)

French House (W70)

[ top ]

Gates Building — See William H. Gates Building (32G)

German House (W70)

Gray House (E1)

Green Building (54)

Green Hall (W5)

Guggenheim Laboratory (33)

[ top ]

Hayden Memorial Library (14)

Hayden Reserve Book Room (14)

Hayward Garage (E42)

Health Services (E23)

Heinz Building (W59)

Hermann Building (E53)

High Voltage Research Lab (N10)

Hill Building (NE80)

Homberg Building (11)

Humanities Library (14)

[ top ]

Information Systems (N42)

Information Systems Operations (W91)

[ top ]

J.B. Carr Tennis Bubble (W53)

Johnson Athletics Center (W34)

[ top ]

Killian Hall (14)

Koch Biology Building (68)

Kresge Auditorium (W16)

[ top ]

La Casa (W70)

La Maison Française (W70)

Laboratory for Computer Science — See CSAIL
(Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)

Landau Building (66)

Lewis Music Library (14)

Lindgren Library (54)

List Visual Arts Center (E15)

[ top ]

MacGregor House (W61)

Maclaurin Buildings (3, 4, and 10)

Management & Social Sciences Library (Dewey) (E53)

McCormick Hall (W4)

McNair Building (37)

Media Lab (E15)

MIT Alumni Pool (57)

MIT Chapel (W15)

MIT Medical (E23)

MIT Museum (N52)

MIT Press (E39)

MIT Press Bookstore (E38)

MIT Professional Learning Center (W89)

Muckley Building (E40)

Mudd Building (E17)

Music Library (14)

[ top ]

New House (W70)

Next House (W71)

[ top ]

Parsons Laboratory (48)

Pierce Boathouse (W8)

Pierce Laboratory (1)

Plasma Science & Fusion Center (NW16, NW17, NW21, NW22)

Power Plant (42)

Power Plant Annex (43)

Pratt School (5)

President’s House (E1)

[ top ]

Random Hall (NW61)

Ray and Maria Stata Center (32)

RetroSpective Collection (RSC) (N57)

Rinaldi Tile (E33)

Rockwell Cage (W33)

Rogers Building (7)

Rotch Library (7)

Rotch Library Extension (7A)

Rotch Visual Collections (7)

Russian House (W70)

Russkii Dom (W70)

[ top ]

Sailing Pavilion (51)

Science Library (14)

Senior House (E2)

Sidney–Pacific Residence (NW86)

Simmons Hall (W79)

Sloan Building (E52)

Sloan Automotive Laboratory (35)

Sloan Laboratories (31)

Solvent Storage (6B)

Spanish House (W70)

Spectroscopy Laboratory (6A)

Stata Center — See Ray and Maria Stata Center (32)

Stata Center Garage (32)

Stratton Student Center (W20)

Suffolk Building (E38)

Superconducting Test Facility (N9)

[ top ]

Tang Center (E51)

Tang Hall (W84)

Tennis Bubble (W53)

The Coop (NE20)

[ top ]

Volvo Garage (NW62)

[ top ]

Walker Memorial (50)

Warehouse Apartments (NW30)

Waste Chemical Storage (12A)

West Garage (W45)

Westgate (W85, encompassing W85ABC, W85DE, W85FG, and W85HJK)

Whitaker Building (56)

Whitaker College (E25)

Wiesner Building (E15)

William H. Gates Building (32G) — part of the Ray and Maria Stata Center (32)

Wong Auditorium (E51)

Wood Sailing Pavilion (51)

Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel (17)

[ top ]

Zesiger Sports and Fitness Center (W35)

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