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e-mail, e-mail address(es)

Lowercase and hyphenate in running text:e-mail. This is an evolving word, so stay tuned!

Note: Although you do need to end a sentence like the one above with a period, take care that you place final punctuation marks outside the hyperlink so as not to interfere with its proper functioning. The same holds true for Web URLs.


Generally, lowercase. However, capitalize when used as the proper name of our planet. (Note that EAPS tends to omit the article, referring to Earth as Earth even when not employing the word as a proper name.)

  • Professor Maria Zuber has been instrumental in mapping the earth’s ocean floor.
  • The three planets closest to the sun are Mercury, Venus, and Earth.
  • Henry was willing to move heaven and earth to make the deal happen.

Earth System Initiative (ESI)

Not Earth Systems Initiative.


Capitalize if referring to a specific geographic location but not if referring to a compass direction. Don’t spell out in street addresses. This generalizes to all four major directions.

  • Dr. Tenenbaum is a consulting professor of information technology at Carnegie Mellon’s new West Coast campus.
  • To reach downtown Burlington, Vermont, take Exit 14W off I-89 and drive two miles west to City Hall Square.
  • The Tolkiens are moving to 1459 E. Hobbit Street.

East Africa

Eastern Europe

effect (n. or v.), affect (v.)

See Troublesome pairs.

e.g., i.e.

In roman type, no italics, followed by a comma—i.e., like this! E.g. stands for the Latin exempli gratia and means for example. Like i.e. (id est, or that is),e.g. should always be lowercase and confined to parenthetical use—separated by commas, em dashes, or parentheses.

electric, electrical, electronic

Electric (adj.) means “of, relating to, producing, or operated by electricity.”

  • electric current

Electrical means “related to, pertaining to, or associated with electricity but not having its properties or characteristics.”

  • electrical engineering
  • an electrical appliance

Electronic means “of or relating to electrons.”

  • electronic navigation

em dash, en dash

See Punctuation—dashes.

emerita (feminine singular); emeritus (masculine singular); emeritae (feminine plural); emeriti (masculine plural or mixed plural)

All are adjectives that follow the words professor(s), president(s), etc. Do not italicize.

  • The professors emeriti were honored at a special luncheon last month.

ensure, insure

See Troublesome pairs.

entry level (n.), entry-level (adj.)

entry level (noun)

  • Sandy’s new boss had joined the company at entry level just three years before her promotion to supervisor.

entry-level (adj.)

  • She took the position to gain experience in a new field, fully aware that it was considered an entry-level job.


every day, everyday

See Troublesome pairs.

every one, everyone

See Troublesome pairs.

except, accept

See Troublesome pairs.

Experimental Study Program (ESG)

Not Experimental Studies Program.


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