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Academic degrees at MIT

Degrees offered at MIT:

Bachelor of Science S.B.
Master of Architecture M.Arch.
Master of Business Administration M.B.A.
Master in City Planning M.C.P.
Master of Engineering M.Eng.
Master of Science S.M.
(each degree designates the field in which it is awarded)
Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D.
Doctor of Science Sc.D.

Degrees can be expressed in many ways. Note that “bachelor’s” and “master’s” take the singular possessive form.

  • He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from MIT.
    (uppercase, no apostrophe)
  • She received a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.
    (informal, lowercase, apostrophes)

Also note that at MIT we use the article “the” when referring to a degree acronym:

  • She earned the S.B. in chemistry from MIT in 1987.
    (abbreviated with periods; note use of “the”)

The correct style for the plural of Ph.D. is Ph.D.s.

  • Professor Jones has two Ph.D.s.

Whenever possible, use Professor as a title before a faculty member’s name rather than Dr. This avoids confusion regarding professors who have attained the highest degrees possible in their fields but who do not hold Ph.D.s. (Some professors may hold an M.F.A., for example.)

  • He went to Dr. Brown for a physical last month.
  • She has a meeting with Professor Jones this afternoon.
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