2.166 Probabilistic Techniques for Mobile Robotics Fall, 2008

Units: 3-1-8 (H-Level)

Prerequisites: 6.041 and permission of instructor.

Lecture: MW2.30-4 (1-371)

Lab: To be arranged

Description: Theory and application of probabilistic techniques for autonomous mobile robotics. Topics include probabilistic state estimation and decision making for mobile robots; stochastic representations of the environment; dynamic models and sensor models for mobile robots; algorithms for mapping and localization; planning and control in the presence of uncertainty; cooperative operation of multiple mobile robots; mobile sensor networks; application to autonomous marine (underwater and floating), ground, and air vehicles. J. J. Leonard

Links to class materials (restricted to enrolled students, MIT certifcates required):


  • 9/14/08 - Robots are available for testing tomorrow at the following times:
  • 9/10/08 - A brief handout to help you start RA1 has been added ra1-tips.pdf.
  • 9/10/08 - Some handouts:
  • 9/8/08 - Additional MOOS tools/documentation posted on the software 2.166 course page. These tools are uXMS, uTermCommand, uProcessWatch, pEchoVar and uPokeDB. You need to run "svn update" in the mooscore/ directory and repeat the build steps (cmake ./; make) to have the additional tools to use.
  • 9/8/08 - A revised version of Research Assignment 1 has been posted at the handouts page:
  • 9/4/08 - Everyone one in the class should have received an email tonight from Mike Benjamin giving them a user account on narwhal.mit.edu and instructions for downloading, building, and running the software on a linux computer. If you don't have access to a linux computer now, don't worry, we'll help you get set up on a suitable machine in the next few days.
  • 9/4/08 - We will have an introduction to MOOS software session tomorrow from 1-2pm in room 1-115. This room is an athena cluster classroom with linux computers. For anyone that cannot make 1-2pm tomorrow, please email me, we'll arrange another time early next week.