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Sara Kontoff Baker:

Light Imagery: 2 & 3 Dimensional Work

November 8 , 1995 - January 31, 1996

Curated by Michelle Fiorenza

Nature' s processes and interactive relationships inspire me to create art which is expressed through new technology and materials.

After receiving a Master of Science Degree in Visual Studies from the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT, my work was directed toward Environmental Art and Design---urban design, neon and fountain environments.

This exhibition expresses my interest in light and transformation. For me, neon represents a pure form of energy, possessing unique visual qualities and suggesting a "union of opposites"---burning gas and rigid glass.

Two-dimensional works are created with light and further developed with prismacolor drawing. They were inspired by aerial views of water and land masses, and interpret the topography, whether barren, fruitful and/or revealing marks of human intervention.

Holographic sculpture integrates reflective environmental images with inherent holographic imagery. These images appear to change form and color as the viewer/participant moves through space.

In addition, I have created larger works,--"Teen Tokyo" a neon installation for Children':s Museum and "Aquaculture: An Ecological Model Intregrating Water Management, Industry and Recreation," an urban design project for Boston Visions Competition.

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