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No-longer-representative old RANDOM INTERESTS of mine, under re-construction!

This webpage, based on my old webpage at Stanford where I got my Ph.D. in business (accounting), and my masters in statistics, still has some links that may be of interest to some.

SAS Macros for Accounting Research

Draft monograph on how to write, use and share library SAS programs packaged as SAS macros. This describes a library of SAS macros useful in accounting research, such as to implement the Vuong test of non-nested models. Selected parts to be available soon on SSRN.


CRSP papers and links including my technical report "CRSP Data Retrieval and Analysis in SAS Software for Users and Administrators" with useful programs.

Event Studies, generally

Event study links, current bibliography, programs


Raychem Excel files instructions and the actual Excel files in Mac and PC/Windows formats here.

Stanford GSB Computing and AccPhD

Back at Stanford I started sites for GSB Phd students and AccPhD email list members and wrote the GSBCFAQ: a FAQ on computing at GSB. Due to continuing demand on STAT-L (aka sci.stat.consult), SAS-L (aka, and locally on and su.computers.consult.statistics (both available only in the domain) for instructions on how to convert data from Excel to SAS and vice versa, I split out a section of that GSBCFAQ as an Excel 2 SAS and Back webpage.

Study aids, texts:

More photos and stuff

Here are some pics. And check out Aimee's page.


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