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Mission and Constitution

The Dormitory Council (DormCon) is MIT's student government body representing undergraduate dormitory residents. Voting members from each dormitory (usually the president) comprise DormCon and meet every two weeks to discuss and propose policies and programs that affect and benefit the entire dormitory system; relevant student and administrative guests are invited regularly to discuss pertinent issues.

DormCon exists to preserve and develop dormitory culture both individually and as a system. DormCon is the unified voice of opinions and concerns of dormitory residences; moreover, it works and strives to create a community where all undergraduate dormitory residents are comfortable and feel welcome. DormCon serves three primary roles: liason/advocate for student views to other groups and administrators, resource for event funding, and communication with students about dorm issues and changes. More information can be found in this document.

DormCon's constitution governs the organization.

President's Statement

As we begin the school year, I hope that everyone is excited to be back and re-immerse themselves in the residential experience. To the class of 2017, I want to welcome you to the MIT community; the next four years will be an incredible time during which your living environment will play a significant role in shaping your experience at the Institute.

From funding large events to advocating for improved residential policies, DormCon plays an active role in supporting life on campus. Please take the time to participate in dormitory life: observe the changes you would like to see implemented and communicate that to DormCon via our feedback form or an email. Working together, we can continue to improve upon one of the best (and definitely the most unique) undergraduate residential programs.

All the best,
Eli Ross
DormCon President, 2013-2014


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