QPROP is an analysis program for predicting the performance of propeller-motor or windmill-generator combinations.
QMIL is a companion propeller/windmill design program.

QPROP's output is entirely in tabular text format, and is typically used in conjunction with the user's own plotting programs. It is intended for large-scale parametric sweeps, driven manually or via batch execution.

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- Mark Drela drela (AT) mit (DOT) edu,


Page Revisions

March 21, 2007
- Page created
- QPROP 1.20

March 26, 2007
- Added additional documents on motors and props
- Documentation files removed from tar file, since they are downloadable above
- QPROP 1.21 (no code change from 1.20)

Dec 19, 2007
- Increased CLdes array limit in QMIL
- QPROP 1.22

Dec 23, 2007
- Added QPROP and QMIL .exe for Windows, courtesy of Harold Youngren