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What is Freemasonry?

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What is the significance of the Masonic square & compasses emblem?

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The Roots of Masonry

  • Modern Freemasonry emerged during the Enlightment Era — a time when writers, thinkers, statesmen championed the virtues of freedom of conscience, rational thought, and honest inquiry. Author Rebecca Newberger Goldstein reviews the thought and influence of writer/philosophers was Baruch Spinoza.
  • How should we regard Masonry's place in the Western Mystery tradition? Bro. Darren Lorente considers some alternatives.
  • NEW! Bro. Darren Lorente traces elements of gnostic thought within the teachings of Masonry.

Some Questions

One Day Classes

What do I think of the One Day Classes ? I'm so glad you asked! Here is another opinion on the subject.

What Do Younger Masons Want?

Two essays on the subject:

The Firestone Articles

Wor. Bro. Roger M. Firestone has written a variety of first-rate articles on Masonry.


www.workingtools.org has a really intruiguing collection of articles about Masonry, including:

The Masonic Service Association

One of the activities of the Masonic Service Association is the Masonic Information Center, which has a group of books and brochures to help Masons respond to attacks from anti-Masonic critics.

The MSA's Short Talk Bulletins are published regularly on a variety of subjects:

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