My Fun-o-Rama

Unabomber Haiku

I have a vision
but I am misunderstood
do you like my beard?

The rabbits taunt me
like fed'ral jack-booted thugs.
Kill the rabbits. Kill.

The world was all mine
For seventeen years, that is
I hate my brother.

The postman cometh
"Oh, boy! A package for me!"
Twisted hermit strikes.

Montana: big sky
No speed limit on highway
Lousy bicycle

I love the outside
why do the rabbits hate me?
next time it's their turn

Fun, easy going
single, white Unabomber
seeks same for love, laughs

Technology bad
Please tell me you like my beard
Or I'll blow you up

Ed McMahon of death:
"You may already be a
winner! Open now!"

Bad Unabomber!
Blowing people all to hell.
Do you take requests?

Farewell to tenure
Sniping from the tower clock
already been done

Why can't I get this
stupid computer to print?
Time to buy some stamps.

Should I comb my hair
Or should I wear it matted
Judge prefers it combed

Remember when you
Laughed at his fake fur parka?
He remembers, too.

Its circumstantial
all that stuff in my cabin
I found it all. Yeah.

Ted's fate worse than death:
"You're assigned to prison shop.
Make computer chips."

"Open your present..."
"No, you open your present..."
Kacyzinski Christmas!

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