erica weng

artist maker problem-solver

hi, i'm erica.

i'm a junior at MIT studying computer science, originally from sunny san diego. when i'm not programming at a manic speed, i enjoy taking brisk walks in uncommon areas and watching birds from an uncomfortable distance (for me, not for the bird).

about me!


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering   ○  December 2019


San Diego, California

programming skills

Python / Java / Scala / C++ / HTML/CSS / JavaScript

other technical skills

Scipy / PyTorch / Matlab / Octave

favorite pastimes

birdwatching / digital painting / talking to strangers

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a slackbot that connects users with solutions within their company workspace
ABC Karaoke Player
6.031 final project: a music player that reads music written in ABC notation and plays it across a webserver for users to interact with
Video Ads View Optimization
Pinterest Intern project: a video ad targeting model + training pipeline that targets video ads to users based on predicted video ad view rates. Improved view rates by 10% and click-through rates by 5%.
Resume Watching landing page
Twitch Intern project: a landing page that allows users to pick up where they left off in recently watched videos.


digital art.