The 2015 Alice ShruggedPuzzFeed Pre-Hunt Minihunt: Alice Still Shrugs

Note for the general public: this was written as a warm-up mini-hunt for the team formally known as Alice Shrugged, currently known as PuzzFeed. The first paragraph is addressed to them -- after all, maybe you *did* solve last year's hunt! There is an answer checker on our team server that couldn't be ported to athena. If you want to confirm answers to puzzles or need hints, e-mail me at errhode at mit dot edu.

Aren't you all sad that you didn't actually get to solve our hunt last year? Well, you're in luck -- it seems some of Wonderland is still stuck in MIT, causing a little bit of chaos here and there. And as luck would further have it, these eight puzzles should be able to tell you what that bit of Carrollian lore is... and then it's up to you to go on your own runaround to find it.

Each of the eight puzzles belongs to one of the following Wonderlandian rounds from our hunt, with appropriate new art replacing the old art... but which puzzle goes with which round and which order the rounds are in has been lost. Once you've figured out which puzzle goes with which round, you should be able to deduce the order of rounds using the facts. Note: the facts are all "if" statements and not "if and only if" statements.

The Rounds

Caucus Race
Humpty Dumpty
Mock Turtle
Tea Party
White Queen

The Puzzles

The Facts

  1. If "It Takes Two" is the Jabberwock puzzle, then the White Queen puzzle comes before the Humpty Dumpty puzzle. If not, "Songs in the Key of Life" comes before "Alice in Chains".
  2. If "That National Being" is the Caucus Race puzzle, then the spade puzzle comes after the club puzzle. If not, "It Takes Two" is the last puzzle.
  3. If "Triple Threat" is the White Queen puzzle, then the Tea Party puzzle comes directly before the Caucus Race puzzle. If not, "That National Being" is the first puzzle.
  4. If "Crosword" is the spade, then the club puzzle is the third puzzle. If not, the Tea Party puzzle is the third puzzle.
  5. If "Alice in Chains" is the Humpty Dumpty puzzle, then the Mock Turtle puzzle is two before the Jabberwock puzzle. If not, "Triple Threat" is the first puzzle.
  6. If "Songs in the Key of Life" is the Tea Party puzzle, then the Caucus Race puzzle comes before the White Queen puzzle. If not, "Alice in Chains" comes before "I Straightened Big Naughts."