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Societo por Esperanto is the name of MIT's Esperanto club. The club helps students learn and use the language Esperanto. We support Esperanto as a tool for making meaningful contact with people of other languages and cultures and countries. Anyone who has an interest in languages, travel, cultural diversity, world events, world literature, meeting new people regardless of their language or country, joining interest groups with members from around the world, or any or all of the above, is welcome to join.

The club offers free Esperanto classes to the MIT community and holds regular meetings to help students practice. We share information and experiences to help each other stay informed about ways to use the language. We occasionally show Esperanto videos; host conferences, concerts, and visiting Esperanto-speakers; celebrate international language days; and organize lectures and exhibit to inform the rest of the MIT community about the benefits of learning Esperanto. For more information about our upcoming and past events, check out the events page.

The club maintains a library of Esperanto books, magazines, videocassettes, etc, and can loan out material to students who want to learn on their own. For more information, contact us.

The club also maintains announcement and discussion mailing lists. If you'd like to be kept informed of upcoming Esperanto events on campus, join our mailing lists.

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