About Us

Three MIT students aspiring to learn more about hardware, software, system design, and Human Computer Interactions

About Us

Eswar Anandapadmanaban

Entrepreneur, software developer, hardware engineer, and Unity specialist, Eswar drives a lot of the big picture decisions made in any project team he is a part of. He loves Virtual and Augmented Reality. He enjoys relaxing by practicing cooking and rooting for his favorite football team the Dallas Cowboys.

Lokhin Cheng

Analog circuitry wizard, Lokhin is well versed in analog circuits and their complex nuances. Always looking for a challenge, he often takes on projects outside his comfort zone. When not staring into a rat’s nest of wires, he is usually learning about political science watching his Green Bay Packers play football

Aaron Wubshet

Originally from D.C., Aaron is an electrical engineering major and aspiring entrepreneur, Aaron, enjoys hardware hacking immensely. In addition to learning more about philosophy and poetry in his free time he also plays basketball and is part of Phi Kappa Theta Mass Eta.