Due to COVID-19, the information in this Guide is superseded by new Institute policies and procedures.
For the most up to date information, visit: https://institute-events.mit.edu/covid-19_eventplanning

Running the Event


All money collected at an event is required to be deposited immediately either into the Police at MIT safe or into the bank night deposit box. To ensure safety, a Police at MIT escort MUST be used when moving cash from one location to another. Please refer to the "Cash Handling" section of this Guidebook for more details.

During business hours, student group deposits may be made at SOLE, W20-500, 253-6777.

After business hours, arrangements must be made with the Police at MIT Department (W89, 253-1212) for an escort and temporary safekeeping. Cash left with the Police at MIT should be picked up and deposited the next working day. Collected cash should be kept in the Police at MIT safe and never in offices or residence hall rooms.

Never keep cash in your residence hall rooms or in offices.