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Parking at MIT


Free parking temporarily available to all MIT ID Cardholders
In light of changing commuter needs during the COVID-19 situation, most MIT parking facilities on the Cambridge campus are free of charge and available to all MIT ID cardholders. This policy will continue until June 30, 2021, at which time the policy will be evaluated and a determination made for the remainder of the spring term.

  • Policy effective July 1, 2021: A parking account will once again be required to access parking areas. MIT ID cardholders who do not already have an account should visit the parking portal and sign up now to ensure uninterrupted access. Note that the sign-up process includes choosing a payment method (payroll deduction or credit card), but no charges will be assessed through the end of June. Charges will start to accrue for parkers who continue to maintain a parking account once the free parking program concludes. Accounts can be cancelled at any time.
  • MIT ID cards affiliated with a parking account are activated to allow access to most MIT lots, including gated lots and garages, regardless of whether the individual is assigned to that lot. Please note that parking rules continue to apply, and signage regarding reserved spaces must be observed. In addition, the Medical, Ford (E19), 139 Mass Ave, Hayward Garage, Hermann Garage, and off-campus leased lots are not included in this expanded program. The Medical lot will continue to be reserved for patients, the Ford (E19) lot is reserved for Facilities vehicles, and off-campus lots will continue to be used by individuals with permission for those lots.

Please note that, per health and safety rules on campus, access to buildings connected to garages (i.e., Stata) will be limited to those who work in the building. Signs and barriers will direct parkers to travel to and from their parked car while limiting travel through the connected buildings. Learn more about building access protocols and view a map of building clusters and designated campus access points.

View a map of MIT parking locations: printable map or interactive map

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MIT’s parking program enables the majority of MIT commuters to take advantage of our daily rate system and integrates efficient technologies such as License Plate Recognition (LPR). You do not need a physical sticker for your car, and your parking account is maintained continuously until you cancel it. Caps on annual charges will reset every September, but there is no need to renew your parking.

The parking program is one component of Access MIT, which encourages sustainable transit by providing MIT commuters with more options and greater flexibility. Switch it up by ditching the car when you can! Drive today, take the subway or bus tomorrow, and walk when the weather is nice. To apply for subsidy and reimbursement incentive programs or for a parking account, visit your Commuting Benefits page on Atlas.

If driving is your only commuting option, we’re here to help with information about parking accounts, parking locations, amenities, and regulations. If you have questions that are not answered by these pages, simply contact the Parking & Transportation Office.

Please note: MIT is committed to helping the City of Cambridge reduce atmospheric pollution and traffic congestion, and we work with the City to regulate and restrict the number of on-campus parking spaces per Cambridge Municipal Code 10.18.

 Your Commuting Benefits (Atlas)
 Current Boston traffic
 Parking Rates
 Parking Coordinators Meeting 2020 (pdf)


Department Directory

Parking & Transportation Office

Atlas Service Center
Street Address: 40 Ames Street
Building: E17-106
Hours: M - F, 8AM - 6PM

parking services

Tel: 617-258-6510

t-pass services

Tel: 617-253-9701

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Tom Giannino

Robynn Cruz-Walker
Commuter Program Administrator

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