About Us

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Home to approximately thirty-seven chill MIT students, zero not-so-chill MIT students, one awesome GRT, three furry friends/mouse-hunters, and a disco-dancefloor, First East is a group of enthusiastic, social, oft loud, sometimes harmonious, but always easy going people. First East is a good mix of all the types of people in EC. Unlike most, on our hall we like to have a gradient of noise level; in Goodale most residents are asleep by a reasonable hour, in Bemis you're usually going to find someone up tooling or watching YouTube, and in Walcott you can be as loud as you like.

We First Easters like to think of ourselves as a social bunch. After the downfall/grunging of our dancefloor, originally envisioned in 2005, we put our coding, designing and electrical skills as well as our freshman labor force to good use last IAP to rebuild our 24x48 pixel disco-dancefloor for Bad Ideas Ball. First East hosts the Bad Ideas Ball at the end of IAP when prizes are awarded for the best/worst entries in the competition. We try to host two parties for the dorm a term to make sure the floor gets lots of use.

You’ve stumbled upon our little website. If, in fact, you meant to find your way here, welcome. If instead you misnavigated the web and mistakenly found yourself here... well, we have your soul now. Thank you, come again!