The Official Unisex Sigma Delta/Lambda Sigma Delta Purity Test

Score one point for each "No." All technicalities count.

(*) means you must have done this with someone who is/was sexually interesting to you

Have you ever...

  1. Had an erection? (clitoral counts)
  2. Had a date?
  3. Kissed someone other than your mother? (*)
  4. Had a date past 4:00 A.M.?
  5. Had a date Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the same weekend?
  6. Done 3. in the last three months?
  7. Done 3. while both of you were in a horizontal position?
  8. Done 3. during a first date/encounter?
  9. French kissed?
  10. Ear frenched or been ear frenched?
  11. Danced with someone? (*)
  12. Floor danced/experienced the carpet?
  13. Necked continuously for more than fifteen minutes?
  14. Necked continuously for more than three hours?
  15. Lied to break a date?
  16. Gone steady? (i.e., been involved with the same person for at least a few weeks nonstop)
  17. Petted below the shoulders?
  18. Gone swimming with someone else when both of you were nude? (*)
  19. Bathed or showered with someone? (*)
  20. Had your covered breast fondled (if you are a woman), or fondled the covered breast of a woman (not yourself)?
  21. Had your bare breast fondled (if you are a woman), or fondled the bare breast of a woman (not yourself)?
  22. Done 21. in the last three months?
  23. Had your bra removed by an interested party, or removed the bra of an interested party?
  24. Worn enticing lingerie for an interested party?
  25. Done 21. with someone you picked up?
  26. Had your nipples sucked, or sucked someone else's nipples?
  27. Done 26. in the last three months?
  28. Had someone else's hand under your skirt/down your pants?
  29. Fondled a woman's vagina?
  30. Done 29. on a first date/encounter?
  31. Done 29. in the last three months?
  32. Gone through the motions of sexual intercourse while fully clothed?
  33. Seen a completely nude person not of your gender? (*)
  34. Been seen completely nude by a person not of your gender? (*) (doctors/nurses don't count)
  35. Been completely undressed by someone? (*)
  36. Told someone you loved them when you did not?
  37. Had two sexual encounters with two different people within a twelve-hour period?
  38. Been involved sexually with two people at the same time?
  39. Told or listened to dirty jokes in mixed company?
  40. Read pornographic literature?
  41. Seen a pornographic movie?
  42. Seen a burlesque show?
  43. Had an orgasm?
  44. Masturbated?
  45. Discussed masturbation with an interested party?
  46. Done 44. in the last three months?
  47. Done 44. with foreign objects? (Not the Yugoslavian upstairs.)
  48. Had a nocturnal orgasm (wet dream for guys)?
  49. Done up anything containing tobacco?
  50. Had an alcoholic drink?
  51. Thrown up due to excessive consumption of alcohol?
  52. Passed out due to excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs?
  53. Used marijuana or hashish? (brownies count)
  54. Used anything harder? (e.g. amphetamines, hallucinogens, etc.)
  55. Illegally trafficked in drugs?
  56. Participated in a drug party that lasted longer than 24 hours? (Steer Roast counts)
  57. Unbuckled the belt or unzipped the fly of another person, or had your belt unbuckled or fly unzipped? (*)
  58. Fondled a man's bare genitals?
  59. Participated in fellatio?
  60. Participated in cunnilingus?
  61. Had sexual intercourse?
  62. Done 61. in the last three months?
  63. Done 61. with a virgin? (not yourself)
  64. Done 61. during the woman's menstrual period?
  65. Done 61. without birth control?
  66. Done 61. in a car?
  67. Done 61. in a frat or motel room?
  68. Done 61. in the Greek manner? (Anal intercourse.)
  69. ?????
  70. Done 61. with the woman in the dominant position?
  71. Done 61. standing up?
  72. Done 61. doggie style? (from the rear)
  73. Done 61. in the shower?
  74. Done 61. on a first encounter?
  75. Done 61. in an altered state? (not Idaho)
  76. Done 61. with more than one person? (not necessarily at the same time)
  77. Done 61. with more than seven different people? (not necessarily at the same time)
  78. Done 61. with more than one person in the same night? (night is defined as 6pm-6am)
  79. Done 61. more than three times in the same night? (not necessarily with the same person)
  80. Done 61. more than ten times with the same person?
  81. Participated in a threesome? (all three parties must actually be participating; just watching doesn't count)
  82. Used a sexual aid or appliance?
  83. Convinced a person to masturbate in front of you?
  84. Made a sexual proposition?
  85. Had a homosexual experience?
  86. Attempted or reached climax with someone of your gender?
  87. Made love for personal gain? (drugs, information, etc.)
  88. Taken or given money for sex? (not with your current lover)
  89. Been employed in or patronized a house of ill repute?
  90. Been watched during sex by an impartial observer?
  91. Had V.D.?
  92. Engaged in bestiality?
  93. Become pregnant if you are a woman, or gotten someone pregnant if you are a man?
  94. Had an abortion if you were a woman, or had a fetus that was your fault aborted if you were a man?
  95. Fathered/mothered an illegitimate child?
  96. Allowed a man to ejaculate in your mouth, or ejaculated in someone's mouth if you are a man?
  97. Participated in an orgy? (more than 4 people)
  98. Committed adultery? (where two people have sex and at least one of them is married to someone who is not the other one)
  99. Been arrested?
  100. Committed a felony? (other than those above)

Posted 26 August 1998
Any and all credit for this belongs to Senior Haus, not us.
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