Carola Frydman

Assistant Professor of Finance










Does Tax Policy Affect Executive Compensation? Evidence from Postwar Tax Reforms (joint with Raven Molloy), forthcoming Journal of Public Economics

CEO Compensation (joint with Dirk Jenter), Dec 2010, Annual Review of Financial Economics 2(1): 75-102

Executive Compensation:  A New View from a Long-Run Perspective, 1936-2005  (joint with Raven Saks)   Review of Financial Studies 23 (May 2010): 2099-2138

Data Appendix to the paper

Read press articles citing this paper: Wall Street Journal, 03/20/2006 New York Times, 04/09/2006 Wall Street Journal, 10/12/2006 New York Times, 11/27/2006 Wall Street Journal, 12/27/2006 (Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, 2007);  The Economist, 01/18/2007; New York Times, 05/25/2007

Learning From the Past: Trends in Executive Compensation over the Twentieth Century, 2009, CESifo Economic Studies, Volume 55: 458-481

Working Papers:           

The Compression in Top Income Inequality during the 1940s (with Raven Molloy), 2010

Rising Through the Ranks. The Evolution of the Market for Corporate Executives, 1936-2003. (Under revision)

   Read press articles citing this paper: The Economist, 01/18/2007

Work in Progress:
Military CEOs (with Efraim Benmelech), Nov. 2009


Predators or Watchdogs? Bankers on Corporate Boards in the Era of Finance Capitalism (with Eric Hilt)