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What is FuturePaths?
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bullet point  What is FuturePaths?

FuturePaths is a research study that seeks to understand how your experience as a college student shapes your goals and career aspirations. The FuturePaths study is supported by the National Science Foundation.

bullet point  How does FuturePaths work?

FuturePaths will conduct a web-based survey of hundreds of students at four different colleges and universities: Olin College of Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Smith College, and University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The survey will ask students to answer questions about their unique perspectives on classes, professors, friends, and extracurricular activities.

In addition to the survey, our researchers will visit your campus to observe classes and conduct interviews with groups of students, faculty, and administrators. Through these visits, FuturePaths will learn how your courses, mentors, internships, and activities shape your college experience and plans after graduation.

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bullet point  Why should I participate in FuturePaths?

This project cannot succeed without your insights. Your experiences in college are at the core of what FuturePaths is trying to understand. Don't let your voice go unheard. The connections that we draw between student experiences and careers will be used to better understand how to develop meaningful educational programs that will meet the needs of the diverse workforce of tomorrow.

bullet point  Tell me more about participating in the survey...

FuturePaths respects your time and understands that you have a busy schedule. For this reason, FuturePaths is committed to making the survey process simple. After the survey is completed, FuturePaths may contact you over the course of your education with updates and to ask for your continued participation in the study. Of course, your participation is always voluntary, and your answers and personal information are completely confidential.

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