Welcome to the Aladdin Ghostscript locker

This locker is a copy of the Aladdin Enterprises version of Ghostscript. Aladdin's version is the most recently released, although it has a different license from the GNU version of Ghostscript.

As of January, 2002 it contains AFPL (Aladdin Free Public License) Ghostscript 7.03.

Here is a roadmap of the documentation.

Read this if you are entirely new to Ghostscript and wonder what it is all about.

Please see the postscript locker for other useful PostScript tools. Adobe Acrobat (PDF reader) is in the acro locker. The GNU version of Ghostscript is in the gnu locker.

There is also an Aladdin Ghostscript page on the Source Forge site.

Comments or questions? Email the maintainers, <ghostscript@mit.edu>.