Upcoming Events:Weekly meetings Sundays 12-4pm, Student Center Coffeehouse Lounge, room W20-308


The MIT Go Club provides a friendly arena for members to play with and learn from each other and aims to introduce the game to beginners. We meet once a week throughout the school year and host events such as tournaments and study breaks. We have previously taught many high school and middle school students through MIT ESP's programs. We would appreciate any experienced player willing to give lectures.

Go, also known as Weiqi in Chinese and Baduk in Korean, is a game that originated in China about five thousand years ago. It is as widespread in Asia as chess is in the Western world. Go is similar to chess in its strategical and tactical emphasis, but there the similarity stops. In chess, there are many kinds of pieces, each with their own movement and capture patterns, and there is a distinct end to the game. In Go, all stones are identical and do not move once placed, and capture occurs by completely surrounding an opponent's stones. The goal of the game is somewhat abstract: to control a larger portion of the board than your opponent. The rules are extremely simple; yet from simplicity comes endless complexity and strategic depth.

Schedule - Fall 2022

We're meeting weekly in the MIT Student Center Coffeehouse Lounge (W20-308) noon to 4pm every available Sunday. The exact date and location for the meeting will be posted on the Massachusetts Go Association's Meetup page here.

Players of all levels from MIT and the greater Boston area, including beginners, are welcome. No experience or MIT affiliation is necessary, we can teach you how to play.

If you want to play at any other time, email mitgoclub(at)mit(dot)edu, and interested club members will respond.


To receive emails from the club, contact the officers at mitgoclub-staff(at)mit(dot)edu to be added to the mailing list.

To send emails to club members, use the list goclub(at)mit(dot)edu. Common uses for this list include game requests and questions about Baduk.


2023: Massachusetts State Championships to be hosted at MIT. Exact time and location TBA.


The MIT Go Club has a collection of books on strategy, which is housed with our other equipment at the moment. Email officers at mitgoclub-staff(at)mit(dot)edu for a list and how to borrow books.


Email us at mitgoclub-staff(at)mit(dot)edu with questions or suggestions!

President Hugh Higinbotham
Publicity Chair Yitong Tseo


If you wish to help out with the club, talk to us! Below are some ideas to start with.

Lectures: Lectures are an important and integral part of the club. We would greatly appreciate it if any experienced player could give lectures.

Publicity: Let other interested players and beginners know about our club and encourage them to come!

Books and Equipment: Share with us Go books that you find helpful. The club has boards and stones, but if you know of ways to get cheap equipment, let us know.


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Online Go: KGS�|�IGS | OGS

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