Upcoming Events:Weekly meetings Sundays 12-3pm, Student Center, room 400


The MIT Go Club provides a friendly arena for members to play with and learn from each other and aims to introduce the game to beginners. We meet once a week throughout the school year and host many events, including tournaments and study breaks. We also teach many high school and middle school students through MIT ESP's programs. We would appreciate any experienced player willing to give lectures.

Go, also known as Weiqi in Chinese and Baduk in Korean, is a game that originated in China about five thousand years ago. It is as widespread in Asia as chess is in the Western world. Go is similar to chess in its strategical and tactical emphasis, but there the similarity stops. In chess, there are many kinds of pieces, each with their own movement and capture patterns, and there is a distinct end to the game. In Go, all stones are identical and do not move once placed, and capture occurs by completely surrounding an opponent's stones. The goal of the game is somewhat abstract: to control a larger portion of the board than your opponent. The rules are extremely simple; yet from simplicity comes endless complexity and strategic depth.

The MIT Go Club is working with the Ing Chang-Ki Wei-chi Education Foundation to help spread the game of Go at MIT. We thank them for their support.

Schedule - Spring 2016

We're meeting weekly in the MIT Student Center, usually from noon to 3pm every Sunday. The exact date and location for the meeting will be posted on the Massachusetts Go Association's Meetup page here.

Players of all levels from MIT and the greater Boston area, including beginners, are welcome. No experience necessary, we'll teach you how to play.

If you want to play at any other time, email mitgoclub(at)mit(dot)edu, and interested club members will respond.


To receive emails from the club, contact the officers at mitgoclub-staff(at)mit(dot)edu to be added to the mailing list.

To send emails to club members, use the list goclub(at)mit(dot)edu. Common uses for this list include game requests and questions about the game.



The MIT Go Club has a collection of books on strategy, which is housed in Hayden Library. Students can check out books as if they were normal library books. You can find Go related books by searching the libraries for Go_(Game).

Past Events

MIT Speed-Go Tournament

We'll be having a Speed Go Tournament on Saturday, January 28 from 12-3PM in the Coffeehouse. (3rd floor of MIT student center) There will be prizes. Registration starts at 11:30AM. Entry is free. Tournament will start around 12PM. There will be different divisions so all skill levels welcome.

New England Open Go Tournament

Date and Time : March 6, 2011. Registration starts at 9AM. Play begins at 10am sharp and will end at 7pm.

Location : Coffeehouse Lounge, MIT Stratton Student Center (Third floor)

Tournament Format: There will be four divisions: 5d+ open division, 1d-4d open division, 1k-15k handicapped division, and beginners' division. AGA membership is required except in the beginners' division; if you are not an AGA member, you can sign up for a tournament day pass. All divisions will use the Ing ruleset, with 7.5 komi. Time settings will be 45 minutes main time, with 25 moves in 5 minutes overtime. There will be four rounds, with a break for lunch.

Prizes: There will be cash prizes for the two open divisions of $250/$100/$50 in the 5d+ section, and $100/$50/$25 in the 1d-4d section. For the advanced and beginner division, there will be three book prizes each.

MIT Individual Go Tournament

Date and Time: January 26, 2011. Registration is at 10 AM. Play begins at 10:30 AM and will end around 2:30pm for the Beginner division and 5-6pm for the Advanced division.

Location: Room 491, MIT Stratton Student Center

Prizes: Three prizes are available in each division. "This is Go the Natural Way", by Takemiya Masaki, "Vital Points and Skillful Finesse for Sabaki", by Yoda Norimoto, and "Pure and Simple - Takao's Astute use of Brute Force", by Takao Shinji for the Advanced division. A 19x19 board with 13x13 board on flip side w/ set of stones, "The Basics of Go Strategy", by Richard Bozulich, and A 3 month subscription to KGS+ (see gokgs.com) for the Beginner division.

Tournament Format: The Advanced division runs from 20 kyu up, and the Beginner division is from 30kyu to 21kyu. Games will be handicapped, and the Ing ruleset will be used. Time controls are 30 minutes main time, with 25 stones / 5 minutes overtime in the Advanced division, and 15 minutes main time with 25 stones / 5 minutes overtime in the Beginner division. There will be four rounds, and everyone gets to play all four rounds.

Results: First Place: Brian Lee. Second Place: Ruoshi Sun. Third Place: Jingxiao Lu.

New England Inter-Club Team Tournament

Date and Time: October 24, 2010. Registration is at 9:30 AM. Play begins at 10:00 AM and will end around 5-6 PM.

Location: Lobdell Dining Room, MIT Stratton Student Center, 84 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139.

Prizes: Three prizes are available: Go Seigen Complete game records, Invincible: The Games of Shusaku, and A Dictionary of Modern Fuseki: The Korean Style.

Tournament Format: Each club may submit as many teams of three as they can form. Matches between teams will have three boards, and the team that wins the majority of the boards will win the match. Games will be handicapped, and the Ing ruleset will be used. There will be four rounds, and all teams will play all four rounds.

Results: First Place: Brown University. Second Place: Western Massachusetts Go Club. Third place: MIT


Email us at mitgoclub-staff(at)mit(dot)edu with questions or suggestions!

President Annie Wagner
Treasurer/Setup Hero Qian Long
Publicity Chair Carrie Liang
Tournament Director Alex Siegenfield
Librarian/Libratorr Tommy Liu
Special Event Director Alex Siegenfeld


This list includes some of our active members. Email mitgoclub-staff(at)mit(dot)edu if you want to be added. Most of our members use KGS

Name Strength KGS username
Brian Lee 1d omniscient
Ben Lerner 4k mirasume
Kris Chen 4k heavymetal
Aniket Schneider 1k shaydwyrm
Jingxiao Lu 4k  
Adam Luter 2k gryn
Annie Wagner 4d cats
Frank Yaul 4k slate
Daniel Grazian 7k dgrazian
David Koh 4k airfrog
Ed Kao 6d  
Lucy Lin 10k hayashi
Walther Chen 5d  
William Luff 4k will122166
Yu Deng 8d  
Chang Hyung Lee 3k Hyung


If you wish to help out with the club, talk to us! Below are some ideas to start with.

Lectures: Lectures are an important and integral part of the club. We would greatly appreciate it if any experienced player could give lectures.

Publicity: Let other interested players and beginners know about our club and encourage them to come!

Books and Equipment: Share with us Go books that you find helpful. The club has boards and stones, but if you know of ways to get cheap equipment, let us know.


Guides for Beginners: Overview |  Way to Go

General Resources: GoBase |  Go Teaching Ladder |  Sensei's Library |  Go Problems |  Josekipedia

Online Go: KGS | IGS | OGS

Organizations: American Go Association | Massachusetts Go Association   |  Ing Foundation