MIT Logo

Endorsed branding

Some organizations on campus—usually centers and institutes—desire to be perceived as somewhat freestanding within the greater MIT community. For these organizations, an identity can be configured where MIT endorses your organization.

This relationship can be expressed in two ways through text: by attaching “…at MIT” or by including “Massachusetts Institute of Technology” in a secondary position within the field of view.

Because the goal of this strategy is to bring forward the endorsed entity, this strategy is most likely to feature an organization’s own identifier or graphic symbol.

This option provides the most independence for your organization and may be most appropriate when a purposeful distance from MIT would be beneficial for your work and for fundraising. The MIT logo still should appear on all print and digital publications in an “endorsing” role.

Creating a logo

  • If you are creating a new logo for your organization with this branding option and your logo will include “MIT,” the Institute requires you to have the design approved by Communication Production Services. Contact us to review your proposed design.



endorsed branding schematic
Communication Production Services can help you determine if endorsed branding is right for you.