Gang Peace


Gang Peace was founded in 1989 by Rodney Dailey.

Gang Peace involves youth ages 9 through 25, with the majority being young teens 13 to 19, in a spectrum of services and activities based on business and entrepreneurial opportunities in a variety of fields; case management, counseling, and advocacy; and education. Gang Peace also provides peer-based education and training to the wider youth community through workshops and seminars at schools and other gathering places for youth. Gang Peace helps youth find jobs, providing them mentors, and offering positive volunteer opportunities.

The mission of Gang Peace is to develop and practice methods for bringing about the total rehabilitation of those who are active in gangs, or youths who are known by the organization to be at risk.

At the heart of the Gang Peace program is the conviction that the individual has to make things happen for her/himself. To this end gang Peace seeks to empower youths to identify their goals and develop the skills to realize them, and provides practical opportunities for this development.

Gang Peace provides the following services and programs:

  • street outreach to gang members or those at very high risk of joining a gang; 
  • case management, which includes counseling and advocacy;
  • mentoring: matching youth with positive role models who will have received training as mentors and who will commit to spending a certain amount of time with the youth;
  • education: tutoring, preparation for SAT's, preparation for the GED; business, education and entrepreneurial opportunities;
  • violence prevention through outreach on the street and in organized settings such as schools, youth groups, church groups, recreation centers, and the courts;
  • workshops in schools and other venue about gangs, violence, drugs, and AIDS; includes prevention, intervention, crisis management, and mediation;
  • remedial tutoring by Gang Peace volunteers
  • a job preparation course 
  • Summer film and video production seminar with Boston Film Foundation
  • Music Production seminar in conjunction with Berklee School of Music
  • summer/after school job opportunities for younger siblings of drug or gang involved youth
  • HIV Peer Led education

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