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Please submit all of the HASTS forms below to the Academic Administrator, Karen Gardner, in E51-163f.

The first year paper should be submitted to the instructor by the end of the first year and must be accepted by the beginning of the second year. It must be approved by both the supervising faculty member and the Director of Graduate Studies.
First Year Paper

Ordinarily, a principal advisor should be chosen no later than the beginning of the second year of study. The principal advisor should be a faculty member in STS, History, or Anthropology. It is the student's responsibility to initiate contact with the desired principal advisor and request his or her assent.
Confirmation of Advisor

The second year paper should be a substantial research paper of publishable quality. Students should submit their papers by the end of the fourth sememster and finish all revisions by the beginning of the fifth semester. Students cannot take general examinations until the second-year paper is approved.
Second Year Paper

HASTS students who are taking independent reading subjects need to complete this form and turn it in to the Academic Administrator by the end of the first week of classes.
Record of Reading Course/Independent Study Form

The General Examination Committee is selected by the student in consultation with their primary advisor. The committee is comprised of the primary advisor and two additional faculty members who have supervised the student's preparations for the general exams.
General Exam Committee

Students must complete the Checklist for General Exams prior to scheduling their general exams. The checklist can be downloaded and completed by the student, or a customized form can be printed from the Academic Administrator's database.
Checklist for General Exams

Students should prepare at least one proposal for dissertation research funding from outside MIT. Students must submit the proposal by the granting agency’s deadline and a final copy should be submitted to the Academic Administrator, and the student’s principal advisor. The funding agency’s decision has no bearing on the student’s completion of this requirement and will have no impact on a student’s status within the program.
Research Grant/Fellowship Proposal

The disseration committee is selected by the student in consultation with the principal advisor. The dissertation committee will approve the dissertation proposal and become readers of the dissertation.
Dissertation Committee

When the dissertation proposal and presentation are complete and approved by the student’s dissertation committee the student should obtain the appropriate signatures and submit to the Director of Graduate Studies.
Dissertation Proposal