Steven Gonzalez
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Steven Gonzalez

Steven Gonzalez conducts ethnographic research in IT facilities like server farms to investigate how technicians use their bodies and senses to fulfill the duties of their profession. At HASTS, Steven intends to tease out through linguistic analysis and participant observation, how cloud computing operators interact with sociotechnical phenomena like heat, cooling, airflow, power and computer servers, to better understand how facets of professional culture may contribute to energy waste. Steven is also interested in the environmental impact of the Cloud and how Anthropologists may be able to advise corporations and state agencies on how professional culture within the Cloud contributes to energy waste.

Steven Gonzalez holds a BA in Feminist Anthropology from Keene State College and an MA in Anthropology from Brandeis University. His MA thesis investigated an emergent data center sector in Iceland and the challenges of replicating “sustainable” cloud operations in North America and elsewhere. Steven was previously employed as a Marketing Strategist for an airflow sensor technology firm, where he gained advanced technical training and familiarity with the IT sector.

Key words

anthropology and history of information technology (IT); anthropology of science fiction; cultures of computing; data centers/server farms; ethnographies of infrastructure; professional language/sociolinguistics; material-semiotics; feminist postcolonial science studies; anthropocene



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