Jia Hui Lee
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Jia Hui Lee

Jia Hui's research is about rodents in Tanzania. His research focuses on practices of work, communication, and cognition among humans and other animals in the context of science and technology in the global South. Drawing on methods from anthropology and science and technology studies (STS), he examines human-rodent encounters in Tanzania, looking at how rodents are trapped in various projects aimed at producing scientific knowledge about pest management as well as how rodents are trained in a social enterprise that relies on rats' sense of smell to craft biosensing technologies for landmine detection and tuberculosis diagnosis. He has previously published on the relationship between international aid networks and human rights in Uganda, based on research carried out for his M.Phil. at the University of Cambridge and B.A. at Harvard University.

Key words

human and other animals; sensing; anthropology of science; anthrozoology; development; olfaction; global South; science and technology studies




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