Rustam Khan
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Rustam Khan

Rustam tells stories that meet at the crossroads of 19th and 20th century global Europe (including the Soviet Union), empire and post-colonialism, media and spatial cultures such as sound, image, and body.

What does it mean to talk about a place like Europe if we start with subalternity, with protagonists that have been deemed invisible and unwanted in its grand historical narratives? His overarching question pulls him into histories of migrant enclaves and diasporas in (imperial) metropolises, the lives of gastarbeiters and sanspapiers, the work of underground activists and artists. Not only do we find ways how these marginalized but self-supported communities made themselves visible and heard by reshaping and making arts and media, they also forged global movements in-between colonies, nations, and continents.

Before coming to MIT, Rustam received an MPhil degree in history from the University of Hong Kong, and a BA and MA degree in history from KU Leuven in Belgium. Outside his academic work, he's part of MITís Graduate Student Union and engages and performs as a dance artist and DJ in local communities in the Boston area and Belgium.

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Key words

Europe; postcolonialism; subalternity; global and transnational history; STS



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