Radio Stars: Astronomy's First Radio Stars

Astronomy's First  Radio Stars
Today we know that virtually all stars within our Galaxy emit radio waves. Using modern radio telescopes, astronomers routinely study these stellar radio waves to better understand how stars form, how they evolve, and how they die. However, for early radio astronomers, it was an enormous challenge to detect even the nearest radio star—the Sun.

In this episode, we hear from astronomer and historian Dr. Ken Kellermann of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory about some of the pioneers of early radio astronomy, including Karl Jansky and Grote Reber, the challenges they faced, and how their work paved the way for current-day astronomers to use radio waves as a vital tool for understanding the astrophysics of Sun and other stars.
Financial support for Radio Stars Podcast 5 ("Astronomy's First Radio Stars") was provided by award 2107681 from the National Science Foundation to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Principal Investigator: Lynn Matthews
Executive Producer: Alex Griswold
Recording and sound editing: Alex Griswold
Narrator: Ari Epstein
Special thanks to Ken Kellermann.