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Classes Offered by Other Departments

For students interested in the Western Hemisphere, we have compiled a list of relevant classes offered by other departments at MIT:


17.55J Introduction to Latin American Studies (also 21A.224J/21F.084J)

17.02 Liberty: An Introduction to the Practice of Political Theory

24.611J Political Philosophy



3.982 The Ancient Andean World

3.983 Ancient Mesoamerican Civilization

3.986 The Human Past: Introduction to Archaeology

21A.450 First Americans

21A.220 The Conquest of America

21H.802 Modern Latin America: Revolution,

Dictatorship, and Democracy, 1808-Present


Society and Social Justice

11.020 Poverty, Public Policy, and Controversy

11.166 Law, Social Movements, and Public Policy

11.122 Environment and Society

17.509 Social Movements in Comparative Perspective

17.513J Human Rights and Political Trials

17.523 Ethnicity and Race in World Politics

24.04J Justice

24.231 Ethics

24.235J Philosophy of Law


Economics and Development

11.018 Solving the Infrastructure Crisis

11.123 Big Plans

14.42 Environmental Policy and Economics

14.54 International Trade

14.64 Labor Economics and Public Policy

14.74 Foundations of Development Policy

14.75J Theories of Economic Development

21A.336 Globalization: From Mercantilism to Microchips


Language and Culture

21F.701 Spanish I (through 21F.704: Spanish IV)

21F.705 Oral Communication in Spanish

21F.711 Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition: Perspectives on Technology and Culture

21F.712 Spanish Conversation and Composition

21F.713 Advanced Reading and Writing in Spanish

21F.714 Spanish for Bilingual Students

21F.716 Introduction to Contemporary Hispanic Literature

21F.729 Making the Other Speak: Narratives From the Spanish Conquest of the New World

21F.730 Twentieth-Century Hispanic American Literature

21F.735 Advanced Topics in Hispanic Literature and Film

21F.736 The Short Story in Spain and Hispanic America

21M.665 Theater of Latin America

21M.851 Special Topics in Drama, Afro-Brazilian Dance

21F.010 Introduction to European and Latin American Fiction

21F.018 Topics in Bilingualism: Language, Culture, and Experience

21F.020J After Columbus: Literature of Exploration, Exile, and Cultural Contact

21F.022J International Women's Voices

21F.028J Sex Roles in Fiction: Europe and Latin America

21F.053 Topics in Global Culture

21F.082 Contemporary US Hispanic Literature and Film: Lives in Translation

21F.222 Expository Writing for Bilingual Students



11.002J Fundamentals of Public Policy

11.003J Methods of Policy Analysis

17.471 American National Security Policy

17.483J US Military Power

17.503 Language and Politics

17.507 Democratization and Democratic Breakdown

17.51 Politics, Economics, and Democracy

17.53 Democratization in Asia, Africa, and Latin America

17.919 Declassify This! The Secret History of the United States


For current information about these classes, check out your course bulletin (or look at our fairly recent transcriptions).

We are also organizing new classes. Please contact us if you'd like to design, teach, or sign up for new classes pertaining to any aspect of the Western Hemisphere.