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Colombia in 2003: What's At Stake?
A Presentation by Carolina Aldana and Eder Jair Sanchez

Thursday, October 3, 7 p.m.
MIT 3-133

[Painted by children to show the effects of US-sponsored fumigation and defoliation campaigns in their countryside]


Why did the Chicago Tribune say in a recent editorial that "more military intervention or aid to Colombia—under any guise—would be a serious blunder"? We will ask two Colombian peace activists to explain. Carolina Aldana works for MINGA, a human-rights organization, in north-western Colombia. She will talk about the work she does to strengthen civilian organizations working for peace. Eder Jair Sanchez, an attorney in Putumayo (southern Colombia), works with peasant farmers who have rejected coca as a source of income. Putumayo is the focus of a US-backed defoliation program that Eder will describe. Together, Eder and Carolina will discuss the on-going civil war in Colombia; the actions taken by the new Uribe government; and the impact of US policy on the lives of ordinary Colombians—who only want to be left in peace by all sides in this brutally violent conflict.

This event is co-sponsored with the MIT chapter of Amnesty International.