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The Struggle for Peace and Justice in Colombia
A Presentation by Nimia Teresa Vargas Cuenta
and Marino Cordoba

Thursday, April 4, 7 p.m.
MIT 4-231

[Choco, on the Pacific coast of Colombia]


Vargas and Cordoba, long-time Afro-Colombian activists in the Choco region, will speak about what's happening in their native land: racism, corruption fueled by foreign investors, a plague of assassinations, and a civil war now funded in large part by the United States tax-payer. They will describe their work in grass-roots community development and discuss the challenges faced by human-rights defenders and peace activists in Colombia.

Further information about this subject can be obtained from the Latin American Alliance; the Office of the Americas; the World Conservation Monitoring Centre; a speech by Luis Gilberto Murillo Urrutia, a former governor of Choco; and an article by Miguel Hernadez for

This event is co-sponsored with the MIT chapter of Amnesty International.