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"First Night"
A film by Luis Alberto Restrepo (Colombia)
In Spanish, with English sub-titles
7 pm, Friday, January 23, 2004 in Room 66-110

[First Night]

Colombia is a beautiful country with great potential but for the last few decades it has been torn apart by violence. A once-leftist rebel guerilla army has largely degenerated into a criminal enterprise. Ruthless paramilitary forces are recruited and funded by wealthy right-wing elements to protect their interests. All sides, including the Colombian army, and the narcotraffickers, are implicated in gross abuses of human rights. In this complicated and difficult context, director Restrepo tells an enchanting, bittersweet love story. Two brothers are separated by economic necessity: Wilson joins the guerillas while Tonio joins the army. Paulina loves them both—or does she? Violence forces her and Tonio to flee their rural home and escape to Bogota. What happens to them on their first night in the big city?