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Colombia's "Dirty War" Against Trade Unionists:
A Report from the Field by Patrick Keaney

[Funeral procession in Medellin]

Funeral of Javier Suarez,
a Colombian labor organizer killed by
right-wing forces in May 2000.
(Photo: Marcelo Salinas)


Two years ago, 130 labor union activists were murdered in Colombia. Last year another 169 were slaughtered. This year, in the first three weeks alone, 6 more were killed. Since 1985, over 3,800 union workers and leaders have been assassinated in Colombia, making it by far the most dangerous place on earth to fight for workers' rights. What is going on?

In January, human-rights activist Patrick Keaney was part of a Witness for Peace labor/environment delegation to Colombia. Having just returned, he will present his report (which will also appear in the February 14 edition of the Boston Phoenix).

Further information about this subject can be obtained from the AFL-CIO; the United Mine Workers of America; the National Labor Committee; and an article by David Bacon for the Inter Press Service.

Wednesday, February 13, 7 p.m.
MIT 1-236