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Selected Publications

Linn W. Hobbs, "Topological approaches to the structure of crystalline and amorphous atom assemblies [invited]," in: Engineering of Crystalline Materials Properties: State of the Art in Modeling, Design and Applications, ed. Juan J. Novoa, Dario Braga and Lia Addadi (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics, ISBN 1402068220, Springer, Dordrecht, London, 2008), pp. 193-230.

Hao Wang, Noam Eliaz and Linn W. Hobbs, "Comparison of the microstructures of electrochemically deposited hydroxyapatite and plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings [invited]," in: Recent Developments in Advanced Medical and Dental materials using Electrochemistry, ed. Robert L. Karlinsey (Research Signpost, Kerala, India, accepted 2008, in press) 12 pp, 5 figures.

Linn W. Hobbs and Ruth Siddall, "Cementitious mortars of the ancient world [invited]," in: Building Roma Aeterna, ed. Asa Ringbom and Robert L. Hohlfelder, Acta Instituti Romani Finlandia (accepted 2008, in press) 23 pp., 15 figures.

Linn W. Hobbs, "Ceramics in Biology and Medicine," [invited topical overview] in: Global Roadmap for Ceramic and Glass Technology, ed. Stephen Freiman (John Wiley & Sons, New York, 2007) pp. 183-188.

Matthieu Micoulaut, Xianglong Yuan and Linn W. Hobbs, "Coordination and intermediate-range order alterations in densified germania," J. Non-Crystalline Solids 353 (2007) 1961-65.

Linn W. Hobbs, "Topological approaches to the structure of crystalline and amorphous atom assemblies," in: Engineering of Crystalline Materials Properties, ed. J. J. Novoa (Springer, Berlin, 2007) pp. 193-230.

Clark L. Allred, Jeffrey T. Borenstein and Linn W. Hobbs, "Neutron irradiation-induced dimensional changes in MEMS glass substrates," Nucl. Instrum. Meth. Physical Research B 264 (2007) 66-72.