MIT: Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyIAP: Independent Activities Period

Post/Revise Listings

The IAP 2021 posting system is now available. To learn more about how to use the IAP non-credit posting system to list your activities, please see the Posting Non-Credit Listings page.

IAP for-credit subjects are posted with the MIT Registrar.

The MIT Events Calendar team has also activated a channel on the calendar that’s specific to IAP—it’s essentially a filtered calendar view that shows only events that have been tagged IAP by event submitters, so you may wish to use this additional option for promoting your events. When you add an event to the events calendar, there's an option to select filter Event by Interest: IAP on the submission form. After the event is submitted, it will appear on both the main MIT events calendar and the IAP channel. In order to add an event to the calendar, individuals must be posting on behalf of a DLC or an ASA-recognized student group.