MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

Post/Revise Listings: Posting Non-Credit Listings

To propose a new IAP non-credit activity or edit an activity you previously proposed, you must Access the New Activity System. Launched in October 2012, the new system offers users the following enhancements:

Posting Non-Credit IAP Activity Listings

Before proceeding, make sure you have the following:

General Instructions

The Non-Credit IAP Activity Posting System uses a tabbed inteface, offering seven possible navigation tabs which may show on the left of the page. The tabs displayed will depend on where you are in the process:

  1. Activity Overview: View a summary of your listing, showing information entered to date, as well as its current status (Draft, Submitted, Approved, etc.)
  2. Title, Description & Category: Enter the title and description for your activity. This section is where you also assign the listing to an appropriate category. Choose up to three.
  3. Activity Leader & Contact Person: Indicate the person(s) leading your activity (primary and session leaders), as well as the main contact person. If you are the contact person, checking a box autofills your information.
  4. Date, Time & Location: Choose dates, times, and location for your activity. This section allows you to indicate whether the session is a Single Session Activity (single activity offered one time or multiple times) or a Multiple Session Activity (comprised of more than one unique session). You may also designate enrollment conditions (First come, first served advance sign-up required, etc.)
  5. Listing Options: Allows you to cancel or hide an activity or its individual sessions.
  6. Preview & Submit: Displays your activity as it will appear on the IAP website. Here you can check your information for spelling and accuracy, see what warnings may have been issued for blank required fields or conflicts, and click Submit Activity to send to UAAP for approval.
  7. Correspondence with UAAP: Leave comments for UAAP, or for all reviewers of the activity. All comments remain as a conversation history.

The IAP Quick Card provides greater detail on the tabs and navigating the non-credit IAP posting system. Users may also contact IAP Staff in the UAAP to ask specific questions, or to learn when trining sessions for the new system will be offered. You can also access the detailed interactive IAP eLearning tutorial.

For questions or concerns contact UAAP IAP Staff at: