MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2018 Schedule for January 16

Activity Title Location Special Meeting Info

09:00 AM

Decision Support Models for Low-Carbon Electric Power Systems E51-376 Bring your laptop.
Private Pilot Ground School (16.687) 56-114 Bring your tablet or phone and laptop.
Walls of Air -The Brazilian Pavilion at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale TBA bring laptop

10:00 AM

Bite-sized Professional Development W20-407
Design Lab: You 4-410
Effective Group Facilitation Techniques 5-232
How to succeed at MIT & beyond: developing a growth mindset 56-167
Individual Consultations at the WCC (Writing and Communication Center) E18-233

10:30 AM

Research Opportunities at the Intersection of Economics, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies E51-372

11:00 AM

Enameling: Fused Glass on Metal 4-006
Introduction to the Harpsichord for Pianists and Organists Killian Hall
Mathematics of Big Data & Machine Learning 300 Tech Sq Floor 2
Plasma Science and Fusion Center IAP Series NW17-218

01:00 PM

Active Shooter/ Violent Intruder Awareness Class 56-154
Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT) TBD
Exceptional Service NE49-5145, T-Lab
Images in Translation tbd Arch Studio
Pleasures of Poetry 2018 14E-304
Practical Computer Science for Computational Scientists 3-370
Python Programming in ArcGIS 14N-132

01:30 PM

Broken Symmetries in the Cosmos 37-252 Marlar Lounge
Handset Printing at the Beaver Press Print Shop 10-801 (Barker) Bring a text of 150 characters, including spaces.
Making the Most of Your Presentation 10-250
Sampling of Careers in Biology 68-181
Seven Sketches in Compositionality: Real-World Applications of Category Theory 2-255

02:00 PM

Bite-sized Professional Development 4-145
Computational Law Course Online Use your laptop and smartphone
Course 3 Lab Tours 4-134
Hardware Hacking and Rapid Prototyping NE47-189
More on algebraic topology Location TBD
Russian Revolution: 100 years on. 8-119
Simulating the Universe on a Supercomputer Marlar Lounge 37-252

03:00 PM

Experiments in Experience 10-150
Hacking Our Digital Future 56-154

03:30 PM

Human Factors Engineering -- Designing for the Human IDC N52 337 bring notebook and sketching supplies
India and Indianisms: Documentary Master Classes outside E15-335

04:00 PM

Ceramica Botanica W20-431
Come Build Something 2-136
Science in the media: hot topics and key skills in science journalism E19-623 seminar room
Understanding Islam 1-371

04:30 PM

Defense R&D and the Military-Industrial Complex: Science and National Priorities 2-105
Effective Speaking 4-163

05:00 PM

Causal Inference & Deep Learning 4-231 Bring your laptop.
Design and build your own skateboard or long board with a custom decorative wood inlay top W31-031
Game Design and Development 101 3-333 Bring your laptop.
Introduction to Functional Programming in Haskell 1-115 Bring your laptop.

05:30 PM

Beekeeping 101 3-370
Beginning Oil Painting Workshop A W20-425
Efficient Freestyle Alumni Pool
Intro to Swim Basics Zesiger Center
MIT Joint Program 2018 IAP Lectures and Talks Bldg E51, Room 325

06:00 PM

Introduction to Turkish 5-134
Learn To Play Bridge! 4-153

06:30 PM

Heavy Metal 101 4-145
MIT Joint Program 2018 IAP Lectures and Talks Bldg E51, Room 325
Nighttime Knitting! Dollar Bill Lounge
Offshore Sailing Shore School 66-144
Old-Time String Band Jam W20 Lobdell
Reason for God - Dinner, Talk, and Discussion W20-Mezzanine Lounge

07:00 PM

Shadow Magicians: Finding Freedom to Become Yourself 1-135
Speculative Fiction and Psychiatry E23, meet 1st floor Meet at UrgCare and go up as group
Totally Teapots W20-431
Winter School 2018 6-120
WMBR Presents: Live on the Air 66-154

07:30 PM

DUSP Yoga: All Levels Flow 7-429

08:00 PM

Interpreting a Still Life W20-425

09:30 PM

Women's ONLY Beginning Swim Alumni Pool
Women's ONLY Intermediate Swim Alumni Pool
Womens Only Rec Swim Alumni Pool