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IAP 2018 Activities by Sponsor - Research Laboratory of Electronics

He Ion Microscopy Lab

Karl Berggren, Prof. of Electrical Engineering, Mark Mondol, Assistant Director NanoStructures Laboratory

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Enrollment: Limited: Advance sign-up required
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Limited to 12 participants

Learn to use the most recent innovation in charged particle imaging. You will learn to operate a Zeiss Orion He Ion Microscope (HIM) with sub-nanometer beam diameter and very localized interaction volume. Surface imaging of conductive and non-conductive samples up to 3" in diameter and 5 mm thick (note that wet, non-vacuum suitable samples are not allowed).

Fundamentals of He Ion source and imaging will be presented by a Zeiss scientist closely involved with the design and innovation of the HIM followed by instruction and use of the HIM to image samples provided by the attendee or interesting samples on hand.

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Sponsor(s): Research Laboratory of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Contact: Rinske Wijtmans, 36-213, 617-253-0926,