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The Future of Climate Policy: Experts Discuss Carbon Pricing in Massachusetts

Wilbur Li, Claire Halloran

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Did you know Massachusetts is at the forefront of climate policy, with a chance to lead the nation in implementing carbon pricing legislation?

Experts across the political spectrum agree that putting a fee on carbon pollution is the most cost-effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, incentivizing a flexible shift toward clean energy. Right now, two bills moving through the Massachusetts state legislature could bring carbon pricing to our state.

Come join MIT Climate Action for a panel discussion on climate policy and carbon pricing in Massachusetts, featuring leading voices on the issue from politics and academia. Bertucci's pizza will be served at a reception following the talk. Our panelists are:

* Sen. Michael Barrett, author of MA carbon pricing bill
* Rep. Jennifer Benson, author of MA carbon pricing bill
* Prof. John Reilly, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research
* Prof. Christopher Knittel, MIT Sloan economics
* Dr. Marc Breslow, research and policy director for Climate XChange
* Prof. Janelle Knox-Hayes, MIT urban studies and planning

See you there!

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