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IAP 2018 Activities by Sponsor - Xin Zhang

Tradition, Redesigned

Juju Wang, artists

Add to Calendar Jan/09 Tue 10:00AM-02:00PM 9-450, Lunch is provided

Enrollment: Unlimited: No advance sign-up

The lecture will be given by Juju Wang, known as the interactive magician in the field of art, mixing traditional Chinese culture with modern art. Her bold use of new materials and emotional and rational creativity standards have established a unique personal style. Tradition redesigned aims to connect students with artistic activity, that has built a coalition between east and west, found at the edge of a changing society and that goes beyond conventions.

Deconstructing old Chinese practices into elements that are reborn into a contemporary form, Juju's installations focused on generating art installation pieces that interact with people, public spaces, and heritage architecture, contributing to an emerging new generation. The presentation has the role to expose how she brought Chinese crafts into the contemporary media, searching for hidden and on many occasions lost meanings behind traditional Chinese stories and rebirths them into a face changing society.

The selected works are ways in which by using traditional materials and techniques and gave them a reinvented form using a mixture of contemporary ingredients and computerized elements.

Also, it is a continuing process in which she focuses on educating the younger generations and make them aware of the importance of our cultural background and heritage.

Hands-on session allows students to mix golden leaf with Chinese calligraphy to produce paintings on their own. 

Contact: Xin Zhang, (202) 281-4718, XINZHANG@MIT.EDU