What's New in Javadoc 5.0

Javadoc Tool

This document describes the changes made to the Javadoc tool between versions 1.4.2 and 5.0 (formerly 1.5.0).

The changes listed below include the bug number and whether the fix was in the Javadoc tool front end ("tool") or standard doclet ("stddoclet"). The term "regression" appears for features that regressed at some point -- usually for features that worked in 1.3.x, broke in 1.4.x, and have been fixed in 5.0.

Notable New Features

Notable Bug Fixes

Known Bugs

Javadoc 5.0 has no known bugs that cause it to hang or crash. You can view listings from our database at Bug Parade as described at: Javadoc FAQ. The notable bugs are:

Incompatibilities with Custom Doclets

Custom doclets written prior to 5.0 will have compatibility problems when run on source files that use new language features in 5.0.

New Features and Bug Fixes

The following is a list of essentially all new features and bug fixes in 5.0. Only very minor changes are omitted (such as fixing broken links in the documentation for the Doclet API) and bugs introduced in early-access releases of 5.0 but fixed in the final release are omitted.

Command Line Options

Tags and Taglets Links Documented Source files Generated API Specifications Formatting and Invalid HTML Navigation Bar


Running Javadoc

Error/Warning/Notice Messages

Doclet API

Standard Doclet Implementation

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