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The JavaTM 2 Platform includes a powerful API for capturing, processing, and playing back audio and MIDI (Musical Intstrument Digital Interface) data. This API is supported by an efficient sound engine which guarantees high-quality audio mixing and MIDI synthesis capabilities for the platform.

The provided reference implementation of this API supports the following features:

The above list describes the reference implementation, not the API itself. The API permits flexible configuration of the audio and MIDI system, including ways for applications to ask the system exactly what resources are installed and available.

Additional information on the reference implementation is available from the Java Sound Home Page. This site also provides links to a selection of MIDI sound banks that may be used to enhance the sound quality of the MIDI synthesizer.

For the new features in this release, see Java Sound Technology in J2SE Development Kit 5.0 Summary of New Features and Enhancements.
Java Sound Guide
Java Sound API Reference
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