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The Java software teams welcome your comments and suggestions. You can contact us as provided below, but Java Software does not offer free technical support. If you need further help, try More Technical Resources, where you'll find links to FAQs, online tutorials, and many other resources.

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Feedback Form - Please send comments, suggestions and other feedback using:

Java Product Feedback
Email - To send email, go to the main page of your feature of interest under Guide to Features and look for a "comments" email link at the bottom of the page.

Documentation Feedback Form - Contact the Documentation Team for general comments about this documentation not targeted to any particular engineering team.

File a Bug Report or Request a New Feature

Use the Bug Report Form to submit bugs or request new features. Scroll to the bottom to submit a new report.

Download/Installation Problems?

If you're having problems downloading or installing the J2SE Development Kit or J2SE Runtime Environment, please see the Download and Installation FAQs.

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