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The JDK contains a sample/jnlp directory that includes five samples:

Each is briefly described below. For more information, see the README files for each in the samples/jnlp directory in the SDK.


This sample demonstrates how to use CORBA within Java Web Start. It shows how a simple Java program using CORBA can be packaged, downloaded, and executed as a JNLP application by Java Web Start. RMI-IIOP utilizes the Java CORBA Object Request Broker (ORB) and IIOP. This lets you can write all your code in Java and use the rmic compiler to generate the code necessary for connecting your applications via the Internet InterORB Protocol (IIOP) to other applications written in any CORBA-compliant language. Please note that this sample doesn't use any of the JNLP APIs.

JRE auto-download installer

This example shows how to build a Java Web Start JRE auto-download installer.

Random-access file

This sample demonstrates features of the JNLPRandomAccessFile API. The file, which the user picks, is opened as a random file for both writing and reading. The application first writes some hard-coded strings to the file selected by the user. It then reads whatever was written to the file and displays it on to the screen using the awt Container and TextArea components.


Java Web Start includes a servlet in the sample/jnlp/servlet directory that can be used to package a JNLP file and its associated resources in a Web Archive (.war) file. The purpose of the servlet is to provide a simple and convenient packaging format for JNLP applications, so they can be easily deployed in a Web Container, such as Tomcat or a J2EE-compliant Application Server.

WebPad Application

This simple word-processing application allows users to Create, Open, Modify, Save, and Print files. Webpad application extensively uses the following JNLP APIs to access local resources even when running in the untrusted execution environment: FileOpenService, FileContent, FileSaveService, ClipboardService, PrintService, DownloadService, BasicService, and PersistenceService.

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