Julia Gaudio

I am an Applied Mathematics Instructor (postdoc) at the MIT Mathematics Department.


PhD in Operations Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2016-2020)

Masters in Computer Science, Brown University (2015-2016)

Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics, Brown University (2012-2016)

Research Interests

My research interests lie in applied probability, statistical machine learning, and optimization.

Current and previous research projects:

  • Reconstruction of Erdos-Renyi random graphs from local neighborhoods (with Elchanan Mossel)
  • Large deviations of random graphs using graphon theory (with Jennifer Chayes, Christian Borgs, Samantha Petti, and Subhabrata Sen)
  • Estimation of monotone multi-index models (with David Gamarnik)
  • Sparse high-dimensional isotonic regression (with David Gamarnik)
  • Analysis of the random instance Travelling Salesman Problem (with Patrick Jaillet)
  • Attracting Random Walks. (with Yury Polyanskiy)
  • Convergence bounds for Markov processes (with Saurabh Amin and Patrick Jaillet)
  • Evacuation planning for natural disasters (with Pascal Van Hentenryck)

jgaudio[at] mit [dot] edu




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