Jerome Milgram is the W.I. Koch Professor of Marine Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, after having been educated in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering as well as in Electrical Engineering. He has been a professor of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering for more than 35 years. His teaching and research work spans Ship Design and Hydrodynamics to Applied Physical Oceanography.

He was one of the early developers of Equipment for the cleanup of oil spills which was then purchased by the U.S. Coast Guard, offshore oil ports and several ports in the former Soviet Union. He holds 12 patents on oil spill cleanup technology.

In addition to teaching Naval Architecture, Ocean engineering, theoretical hydrodynamics, system dynamics and numerical marine hydrodynamics in the MIT Ocean Engineering Department, he has taught fluid mechanics in Mechanical Engineering, as well as Signals and systems and Modern optics in Electrical Engineering. His research has included: ship development, the oceanography associated with the remote sensing of ship wakes by radars in aircraft and spacecraft, the science of the behavior of oil spills on the ocean, the behavior of sea waves and of natural surfactants on the surface of the ocean, the dynamics of underwater vehicles, along with other topics. More recent work is oriented toward the detection of small plant and animal life forms in the ocean by computer enhanced holography. In total, this work has resulted in more than 100 publications.

He is a Life Fellow of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and a Life Member of the National Academy of Engineering.


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Jerome H. Milgram
September 23, 1938

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