Professor Milgram has a long history of Marine Accident Investigations and serving as an expert witness over the past 20 years. Situations have included small boat accidents with serious personal injury, fishing boat capsizings with substantial loss of life, offshore oil rig failures including capsizes and sinkings with the loss of many lives, effects of oil and gas well blowouts on oil rigs and marine life, wide area oil pollution effects, pilot boat problems, tugboat damage with flooding and sinking, allisions and collisions of ships in channels, groundings of large tankers, oil spills from tankers, and more.

Professor Milgram takes cases where analytical studies can reveal causes and the sequence of events associated with accidents. He uses computer-based simulations, model tests and quantitative analysis of video measurements extensively and gives detailed testimony on his findings.

Below several examples of Jerome Milgram's work are provided.

Raising of the "Irving Whale"

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An unusual consulting activity involved advising the Government of Canada on raising a barge, called the Irving Whale, which had sunk and been on the bottom of the Gulf of St. Lawrence for more than 20 years and had begun to leak especially toxic pollutants. This led to his being a technical spoksman for the Canadian Government in about 10 public hearings in various Canadian locations near the periphery of the Gulf of St. Lawrence to help convince the public that raising the pollutant laden barge with modern technology was safe and prudent.

This was done successfully and the barge was subsequently raised and disposed of without any serious effects.

Breach of Hull Plating of the

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The oil tanker Posavina was seriously damaged when an assist tugboat collided with the side of the larger vessel, and in so doing, the tugboat created a hole in the tanker's metal skin. The damage was so severe that tanker's fuel oil leaked out into the surrounding waters.

Jerome Milgram was again employed as a consultant, investigating the events that led up to the collision and the structural and fluid mechanics underlying the accident.

Sinking of the Offshore Rig "Ocean Ranger"

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The oil drilling rig Ocean Ranger had critical failures which led to the deaths of 100 employees aboard the rig.

The Royal Commission of Canada employed J. Milgram to help in investigating why the rig flooded, capsized, and sank.

Sinking of the Clam Dragger, "Beth Dee Bob"


 < The vessel  "Beth Dee Bob" intact and sea-worthy.

"Beth Dee Bob"       

after her sinking >    

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Jerome Milgram was again employed as a consultant to the parties involved in the sinking of the vessel Beth Dee Bob.


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